9 must-do things at the 2018 Epcot International Festival of the Arts

The great thing about the Epcot International Festival of the Arts and why it became one of our favorite festivals of all time is that there is so much to do and experience that won’t cost you anything extra.

In fact, the only thing extra you would need to spend money on is food and with that you are getting part of the creative experience of the arts festival.

No matter which ones of these items you do, take your time through it. The arts festival is about appreciating all forms of art and participating in it, when you can.

Chalk artists

1. Watch and participate in the chalk art

As you head over to Mission: Space stop off and see chalk art artists working. There are a number of 2-D chalk artists working and one 3-D artist. And kids, there is a space set aside for you down the way in front of the old Universe of Energy for you to do your own chalk art.

2. Paint by numbers

As you enter the World Showcase walk on over and get your small paint cup and a brush and fill in the paint by numbers poster. Every time you walk by it see how much more has taken form. And, you can go through a couple of times during the day, no one will notice.

3. Get inside a painting

Around the park are various backdrops based on famous paintings. Step into the painting and have your photo taken. It can be a lot of fun to be part of Washington’s famous crossing. The experience can also be a real Scream.

4. Talk to an artist

There are numerous artists visiting and signing their work. Do not be afraid to say hello and ask questions, especially if it is slow. They are more than happy to talk about their work and inspiration. Sometimes you get some really fun stories from them.

5. Find Figment at the Festival of the Arts

Yes, you can purchase the the official map of Figment’s Brush with the Masters, put down stickers and get a pin, but you can also just head through all of the pavilions in the World Showcase and see if you can find Figment yourself. These will all be inside the pavilions, sometimes near the Kidcot Fun Stops and sometimes just in the various stores.

6. Watch the entertainment

Singers, dancers, acrobats and artists painting live. These are all taking place during the festival and well worth spending 10 to 15 minutes to take a rest and enjoy what’s going on around you.

7. Disney posters

The Odyssey Festival Showplace has a great little collection of Disney Attraction posters through the years. The walk through exhibit gives you a glimpse of not only the past, but what is happening around the world.

8. See the originals

This year all of the original pieces of art from the artists this year can be founding the Art of Disney. All of these are for sale, so if you can afford to plunk down a few grand, you can own an original piece of art work instead of a limited edtion.

9. Eat

There are over 50 food and 50 beverage options at the “food studios” around the World Showcase. These kiosks operate from 11 am. to 9 p.m. from Jan. 12 to Feb. 19, 2018.

They contain some of the favorites from last year and a lot of new meals. Many are artfully done and not only look delicious, but taste great. Here is a look at the menus from each of the food stations.