First look at Magic Kingdom, Epcot as Disney World reopens after Hurricane Irma

Disney World reopened Tuesday (Sept. 12, 2017) after being closed two days due to Hurricane Irma without the Walt Disney Railroad operating and cleanup of downed trees still needing to be done.

There was not any obvious major damage from a tour of the two parks other than downed trees and some trees and bushes bent from the 60 to 80 mph winds which swept through the area.
Magic Kingdom at opening after being closed for two days due to
Hurricane Irma. 
Irma  unexpectedly targeted Central Florida after slamming into the Florida Keys and then sideswiped Tampa. More than 6 million customers lost power throughout the state. The Disney theme parks closed for two days as the Hurricane passed
At the Magic Kingdom, most of the Halloween decorations taken down in preparation of the hurricane are still down. The large pumpkins outside the park welcoming people and the pumpkins lining Main Street USA from above the stores were still missing when the park opened. The entry tableau of the Pumpkin mayor and others is also missing. They will most likely return as the day and days progress. 
Downed trees caused the Walt Disney Railroad to remain shut. Some cast members said locomotives and trains survived well, but there were numerous downed trees on the tracks. The Jungle Cruise and Tom Sawyer Island also were closed during the morning as more work was needed.
Scaffolding on normal maintenance taking place down Main Street, which is usually covered up by scrim, remained exposed.
Wind blowing and bending trees near the Be Our Guest Restaurant at the back of the park in Fantasyland was obvious. 
At Epcot, everything appeared fine. Even the model trains in Germany were now running with no debris on the small tracks. 
The plastic that wrapped to protect all of the lights around the World Showcase Lagoon were gone (though you could find some of them in trees) and the portable menu towers were back near the food kiosks for the 2017 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival.
While the kiosks were back some of the signs identifying the various countries were still missing.
Trees blown down near the Be Our Guest Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom. 

The entry tableau of the Pumpkin people is still empty.

A tree blocks the tracks at the Walt Disney World Railroad.

Walt Disney World Railroad is out of service. 

The portable menus are back, but some of the signs on top of the kiosks were still missing. 

All of the portable kiosks that were emptied to prepare for the storm are back.

The wind caused these trees to keep leaning at Epcot.

The tables in the American Pavilion have returned. They were removed for the storm.

All of the last that were wrapped around the lights were removed.

The fountain in the France Pavilion is slowly being being refilled. It was emptied in preparation of the storm.