Shanghai Disney features favorite characters as Chinese Zodiacs

Shanghai Disney unveiled details of its Garden of the Twelve Friends, an area of the theme park that recasts 12 Disney characters as members of the Chinese zodiac.

The Garden of the Twelve Friends blends Disney’s storytelling with traditional Chinese elements and pays homage to the central role of the Chinese zodiac in daily life in China. The garden wall is decorated with flowering vines and mosaic vignettes.

“Introducing the twelve Disney zodiac characters to our guests is one way of conveying the best wishes of Shanghai Disney Resort during this traditional festival of family reunion in China,” Philippe Gas, Shanghai Disney Resort General Manager, said in a news release.

The Disney characters include:

The Rat: Rémy from “Ratatouille.” Rémy is a rat with big dreams – he longs to be a chef! With cleverness, determination… and a remarkable sense of smell… he turns the culinary world of Paris upside down.

The Ox: Babe The Blue Ox. Loyalty is important to Babe. He devotes his life to helping his friend – a giant lumberjack named Paul Bunyan.

The Tiger: Tigger. Winnie the Pooh’s friend, Tigger is confident and cheerful.
The Rabbit: Thumper. Sometimes the first friend is the best friend. Thumper befriends Bambi  and stands by him as he grows to be a prince of the forest.

The Dragon: Mushu. The fast-talking little dragon may be small in size, but he is big in spirit.

The Snake: Kaa. The wily python from “The Jungle Book,” can be charming like other snakes.

The Horse: Maximus. This determined horse from “Tangled” will not give up until justice is done.

The Sheep: Jolly Holiday Lambs. The lambs from “Mary Poppins” represent elegance, charm, serenity and gentleness.

The Monkey: Abu. The hero of “Aladdin” has agility and cleverness.

The Rooster: Allan-A-Dale. This  rooster from “Robin Hood” is a trusted ally, joining him and his “merry men” in fighting injustice and helping the poor.

The Dog: Pluto. He is honest, faithful and friendly. His cheerful demeanor makes him a perfect companion for the optimistic Mickey Mouse.

The Pig: Hamm. This wisecracking plastic piggy bank from “Toy Story” is loyal and trustworthy companion to the end.