Eeyore bobble head plush

A new Eeyore plush looking for a forever home

I often joke that I should be president of an Eeyore rescue organization. Every time I pass a shelf full of Eeyore plushies I have to stop and promise they will all find forever homes.

At home, I have small Eeyores, large Eeyores, flat Eeyores, and fluffy Eeyores. I usually have an Eeyore keychain hanging from my purse or backpack. It may be because Eeyore bears a passing resemblance to one of my cats. (Imagine a cat that doesn’t care if you cuddle it mercilessly! And doesn’t have claws!) Or it may be because he always looks so sad, I feel compelled to bring him home.

So imagine my delight and dismay when I saw this new plush Eeyore begging to be given a home. Part of Disney’s new bobble head plush line, this Eeyore sits 8 inches high and sells for $16.99 — and has an uncharacteristically happy look. I’m still debating whether to expand my collection. It doesn’t look like this little guy will have any trouble finding a home.

For the record, you can also find bobble headed versions of Pooh, Mickey, Minnie and Stitch.

Eeyore bobble head


Eeyore bobble head