New ‘Coco’ VR experience announced, to be released in November

Disney-Pixar is introducing its first virtual reality experience with a Pixar film, when “Coco” is released in November, 2017.

Oculus Rift will released its version on Nov. 15 and the Samsung Gear VR will release its version Nov. 22, the day of the film’s U.S. release, according to a Facebook post by Pixar.

The announcements came during the Oculus Connect 4 developers conference in San Jose, California.

The video (see below) released by Pixar, shows that you will be able to walk around in the world of Coco and interact with the the characters.

This is another in Disney’s push to move into the VR experience. It’s website explains Disney is pushing to bring the most magical experiences with the most innovative technology.”