Ellen on closing of Ellen’s Energy Adventure: I want my robot back

Weeks after Ellen’s Energy Adventure at Epcot in Disney World closed, Ellen DeGeneres addressed the issue briefly with one emphatic request from Disney – “I want my robot back.”

Ellen had some fun with the closing of the attraction (which take place Aug. 13) explaining to those who did not know what it was about. “It was a ride that featured a robot version of me. The ride was about where energy comes from. #fun,” she explained. In a part of the ride “the robot – me – fights a dinosaur. #educational.”

And, “If any from Disney is watching,” she said. I want my robot.” She went on to explain what she can use it for. “It can host my show when I’m not feeling well, it can host my show when I am feeling well,” she said.

For those who don’t remember, the Audio-Animatronic figure it looked nothing like Ellen and was removed from the ride in 2014 during a ride refurbishment.