Disney World is staging area for utility trucks to battle Hurricane Irma damage

The Epcot parking lot at Walt Disney World is being used as a staging area for hundreds of utility trucks in advance of Hurricane Irma.

The parking lot at the theme park is wide open and ideal to place a large amount of vehicles. The trucks can then quickly deploy from the area as needed.

Duke Energy Florida is projecting that there will be more than 1 million power outages due to Hurricane Irma, which is projected to come up the west coast of Florida.

Duke Energy Florida serves 1.8 million customers in the state.

“Based on Hurricane Irma’s current track, we expect all of our Florida service area to feel the effects of this powerful storm,” Luis Ordaz, Duke Energy Florida storm director said.

Duke has mobilized about 8,000 lineworkers, tree professionals, damage assessment and support personnel around the state to be prepared to respond to outages.