Georgia May Jagger gets a Minnie Mouse makeover

Fashion model Georgia May Jagger has been given a Minnie makeover.

Minnie Mouse in recent years has become a fashion icon and her style has been used by many fashion designers recently.

British designer Ashley Williams, working for Dazed Magazine, gave Jagger her makeover. The images were shot by Sharif Hamza and will be part of a “Minnie Style” exhibition at London Fashion Week in September.

The photographic exhibition will be curated by Jagger. “I’ve always been a Minnie fan so I’m really excited to be working on this campaign, showing how pop culture can influence fashion in a way that encourages excitement and creativity.

Minnie is fun, independent and super-stylish, and it was great working with Ashley and Dazed Magazine to create a modern British interpretation of this, and provide inspiration for the exhibition,” she said in a press release.

The Minnie Style exhibition will run from Sept. 18-22, 2015.