13 Disney-inspired interior designs

I’ve seen pictures of some crazy Disney houses over the years — rooms stuffed wall-to-wall with Mickey Mouses, shelves sagging with collectibles. But I’m relieved to know it’s possible to showcase your love for Disney without overdoing it. 
The fabulous Houzz.com features interior design work from all over the world, including quite a few nice Disney-inspired rooms. 
Some of these designs require the work of a talented muralist or carpenter; others are created mostly by accessorizing; still others are built around a single piece of art or Disney collection. 
I don’t know about you, but this inspires me to give our Disney art a more prominent place in the house. 
This Alice in Wonderland hallway leads to a playroom. 
A larger-than-life mural sets the stage for this family room. 
A cozy Mickey Mouse vibe — without any paint on the walls. 
Not all homages to Disney have to be overt. You can evoke a character with color or pattern. 
Even an adult could sleep in this bedroom — and the next. 
Simba just can’t wait to be king of the room. 
A vibrant Mickey Mouse painting lends its colors to the rest of the space. 
Your Mickey Mouse art can work side-by-side with other pieces. 
A fantastic showcase for art and collectibles 
Yes, you can feature your Disney art and collectibles in a more traditional setting. 
Each step features a Disney quote on this Farmhouse Staircase
Find a talented carpenter if you want to try this. 
A black-and-white bathroom takes on a Mickey vibe mostly with accessories — and drawer knobs.