Two new shoe stores opening at Disney Springs

You’ve been able to buy a pair of Mickey Mouse Crocs at Disney World for a long time, but now if you’re looking to give your feet some relief, you’ve got even more choices. Two new shoe stores are opening at Disney Springs. The first, Sanuk, is rumored to be opening this week. Both sell casual — and theoretically comfortable — walking shoes in a variety of styles. Take a look at what you can expect.


Sanuk was founded in 1997 when Southern California native and surfer Jeff Kelley started making sandals out of inner tubes and indoor-outdoor carpeting. Today Sanuk sells a broader range of materials, including canvas and knits like you’d see in a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Prices start at about $30 for flip-flops. The company also makes boots, including a colorful Nordic knit boot shaped like Uggs ($120 for a women’s pair). Each of the styles shown below comes in a variety of colors and patterns. No sign of Disney-branded styles, but it’s easy to imagine those Yoga Sling shoes in a fun Mickey Mouse pattern.

Women’s “Yoga Sling II,” $36
Women’s “Pick Pocket Fleece,” $55 
Women’s “Donna Caroline,” $55
Men’s canvas “Rounder,” $55
Men’s canvas “You Got My Back II,” $55


Havaianas brags that it makes “the original flip-flops,” and this seems to be true. The company was founded by Scotsman Robert Fraser in 1962, and he was the first to mass-produce flip-flops out of rubber. Havaianas sandals have been made in Brazil since 1962. The flip-flops come in a rainbow of solid colors and cheerful patterns — and lots of Disney-branded styles! Havaianas also lets you design your own flip-flops online, but there’s no word on whether this will be available in the store.

Prices range from under $20 for kids’ styles to a little over $40 for adult styles with “hardware” like spikes. Here’s a peek at a few styles: