UPDATED: Renovation work at World of Disney in Disney World begins

(This article was updated with new information after construction started)

Nearly two-thirds of the World of Disney at Disney World is closed as a large remodeling project begins for the world’s largest store of Disney merchandise.

To help ease the shopping and keep the merchandise available Disney Springs has opened The Disney Corner store in the Town Center section of Disney Springs. This is located near the Lime Garage escalator.

Tuesday night you were able to see the Star Wars area has been cleared out. The cash registers were gone from that area and a lot of the merchandise was spread throughout the store.

By Wednesday afternoon large portions of the store were closed. The entrance near Ghirardelli Chocolate with Stitch over top has been boarded. The entrance directly in front of the Disney Springs stage has been closed.

Inside only three large rooms remained open selling merchandise.

The Star Wars area of World of Disney with cash registers and merchandise removed.
Another view of the Star Wars area.
A closer look at the Star Wars area.
This area was most recently filled with jewelry cases. They have been swapped out for t-shirt racks.
The wall of plush toys is gone and covered.

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