Here is concept art of the new Star Wars hotel to be built at Hollywood Studios in Disney World.

5 new details released about the Star Wars-inspired resort at Disney World

Star Wars fans rejoice. You will soon be able to wake, spend the day and go to sleep completely surrounded by the Star Wars Universe with a new hotel being built at Disney World.

The Star Wars-inspired resort for Hollywood Studios was first announced over the summer at D23 Expo 2017. Now, Bob Chapek, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, provided a number of new details about this hotel at the D23 Expo Japan this past weekend.

Here are five new details released about the new hotel and a few things we are still waiting to find out:

What we know

1. The new Star Wars-inspired resort will be built at Hollywood Studios and guests will be “seamlessly connected” to the new 14-acre Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land being built at Disney World. The new Star Wars land will open in 2019.

2. When guests arrive they will start their trip by departing together for multiday Stars Wars adventures by boarding a starship alive with characters and stories.

3. Guests will be able to dress up in Star Wars attire. (Remember, normally adults are not allowed to wear any costumes when entering the parks unless during special occasions.)

4.  Every resort window will have a view of space. See the video above.

5. This will be a luxury resort, which means, it will cost a pretty penny to stay at the location, so start saving up.

What we are still waiting to find out

1. When this resort will open.

2. What the resort will be called.

3. How big the resort will be.

4. The cost and how long can you stay. Will this be a location you go to for a few days and then move to another resort for the remainder of your stay? Is this going to be , similar to what happens when you go on a cruise ship, or an Adventures by Disney tour, where everything (or almost everything) is included in the price for a certain length of stay?  There has been no information on the price point of this hotel other than the word luxury added.

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