Video: Monorail door opens while in motion at Disney World

A Disney World monorail door popped open in mid-ride between the Transportation and Ticket Center and Epcot this past weekend giving the riders a fright.

A pair of videos (see below) on social media captured the January 6, 2018 event.

Maintenance workers were called to work on Monorail Red for about 10 minutes to force the door to lock, according to @abbieprimeknits, who posted the video.

I need a drink. @disney, guys, you gotta get on this, what if somebody had fallen?

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But when the monorail reached the first curve after leaving the ticket center the door popped open and remained open until arriving at Epcot, she said.

Each of the monorail cars is equipped with door sensors to signal to the driver if any of the doors are not shut completely. It appears that in this case, there was a system failure.

No one was injured in this incident, but you can hear the sighs of relief on the video when the monorail finally pulled into the station.

The monorail system spans over 14.7 miles with around 50 million guests traveling the monorail each year.

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