New images, info released about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The new Star Wars land at Disneyland and Disney World, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge,  will have full size replicas of X-wing fighters, feature a toy store that sells toys from far away places, sell various types of colored milk to drink, and the entire space port area will have a feel that there is danger at every turn.

In addition, expect some trading cards to become available to help provide some clues about the new land scheduled to open in 2019 at both parks.

There were a number of new details and images released about the new 14-acre land opening at both Disneyland and Hollywood Studios at Disney World during this past weekend’s Star Wars: Galactic Nights at Hollywood Studios.

So let’s just jump right into them.

1. To bring the authenticity and feel of a real location it is necessary to build real items. So Disney is building an entire fleet of X-wings for people to look at, touch and get the sense of what these ships are like.

2. The feel of of the new immersive land is important and here is a look at how you will enter the new Millennium Falcon ride, which will put you in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon and take you to off-world adventures. Here is a look inside the entryway to the Millennium Falcone ride.

3. The feel of the town on the planet of Batuu, where Galaxy’s Edge is located, is also important, since this is an immersive experience. Imaginneers used the marketplaces of exotic markets of Istanbul and Marrakech for inspiration.  “You want to feel like if you go around this corner you might get mugged — not that we’re going to do that!” according to the Imagineers.

4. In this town you will find a  Toydarian, one of the creatures  first encountered on Tatooine in “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” The Toydarian, of course sells toys, but you will not find the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge t-shirts and other branding merchandise. You will find toys that would be created on a planet such as this.

5. Not only are toys important, but also food. So there will be a variety of different colored “milks” available to purchase.

6. Some of the names of the locations in the land are as follows:

  •  The Black Spires will be the highest point of the land.
  •  The location where the name of the port where there the ships come in is called Black Spire Station.
  •  Docking Bay 7 is the food and cargo area of the spaceport.