Disney unveils more info on new Incredicoaster at California Adventure

Disney has released a new video (see below) that provides more information on the Incredicoaster as the Pixar Pier is transformed at the California Adventure in Disneyland.

The current California Screamin’ coaster will be transformed into an Incredible themed roller coaster and open by the summer of 2018.

This is all part of the re-imagining of the Paradise Pier section. In the video we learn that the storyline behind the coaster is that Edna Mode is supposed to be babysitting Jack-Jack, and things do not go well. The entire Incredible family need to use their power to catch the him.

The difficulty of telling story on a roller coaster is how fast things happen, Tracey Noce, creative director of the Incredicoaster, says in the video. The idea is to do story telling quickly and enclosing the tunnels helps. In one of the tunnels Mrs. Incredible stretches through the 40-foot tunnel to try and capture Jack-Jack.