Disneyland to welcome the Lunar New Year – Year of the Dog

Disneyland’s California Adventure will again host a Lunar New Year festival in honor of the Year of the Dog.

The festival will take place Jan 26 to Feb. 18, 2018 and feature live entertainment, specialty foods and a commemorative merchandise.

Highlights of the celebration include:

Hurry Home – A Lunar New Year Celebration: A nighttime water show on Paradise Bay prior to “World of Color” which tells the tale of a little lantern’s quest to reunite with family for the annual celebration of good luck and fortune


Disney characters: Mulan, her friend Mushu, along with Mickey Mouse and his pals will be dressed for the occasion — including Goofy dressed as the God of Good Fortune.

Specialty foods: Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese foods at Paradise Garden Grill

Commemorative merchandise: Featured designs are inspired by the different cultures of East Asia.

Lucky Wishing Wall: You’ll be able to add your own wish.

Mulan’s Lunar New Year Procession: A celebration hosted by Mulan and Mushu that honors Lunar New Year and celebrates family and friendship.