3 new family sleepwear collections for Disney fans

“Famjams” are all the rage this year — at least if you listen to the Washington Post, which this week declared coordinated sleepwear “the new ugly sweater.”

Disney has been in on this act for a few years now, and rolled out its annual red-green-and-white jammies in October. But where were the famjams for those whose tastes run more toward the dark side of Disney?

That’s where the pajama company Munki Munki comes in.

This week, Munki Munki rolled out three new family pajama sets with “Star Wars” and “Nightmare Before Christmas” themes. Prices range from $49.95 for a nightshirt or a kid’s pajama set to $69.95 for an adult-sized onesie.


Stormtrooper family pajama collection from Munki Munki

Stormtrooper family collection

The Stormtrooper collection comes in men’s and women’s styles. Women have the choice of a t-shirt and flannel pants set, a nightshirt or a flannel onesie.

R2-D2 family pajama collection from Munki Munki

R2-D2 family collection

The R2-D2 collection adds a pajama set for kids, but doesn’t have a women’s nightshirt.

Nightmare Before Christmas pajama collection from Munki Munki

Nightmare Before Christmas family collection

This collection has traditional PJ sets for everyone, with the kids’ shirts featuring Zero, men’s focusing on Jack Skellington, and the women’s with a little more romantic scene.