Why Disney might be working on a Spider-Man ride

The internet has blown up the past few days with speculation of a Spider-Man ride being built for  Disney theme park somewhere.

It all stems from a new ride system patent filed by Disney that actually mentions Spider-Man —  and Tarzan.

The new system is called “Track-based Swing Ride with Long Arm Pendulum,” which is actually as it implies a ride system where people would swing back and forth but as you move forward.

The specific part of the application that is intriguing is as follows:

“One goal in designing the ride system was to deliver an experience similar to what it would feel like to be with Tarzan or a similar character swinging between trees of a jungle on a vine or with Spider-Man or a similar character swinging on webs between buildings as you move down streets of a city. [The ride is] intended to have swinging sensation provided while also having forward travel along a ride path in a direction of travel and for the swinging sensation to feel thrilling and fun.”

Now, this does not mean this is going to be for Spider-Man or Tarzan, but the concept of swinging, jumping, launching from one side to another also could work for a number of characters in addition to the two mentioned above. Let’s remember Universal still owns the rights for Spider-Man rides 

What do you think?