Disney World to start testing Slinky Dog Dash coaster vehicle soon

Disney Imagineers will soon be testing the the Slinky Dog Dash ride vehicle as construction on the new roller coaster continues at Hollywood Studios in Disney World.

Disney publicity photo

The ride vehicle was brought to the park in August. The track for the coaster, which will be part of the new 11-acre Toy Story Land, was also complete in August.

The idea of the coaster is to feel as if you are riding on a slinky dog. “The vehicles and the track are melded together to act both for a fun effect for people on it and a big kinetic effect for the people who are watching it,” Bob Vignec, staff project engineer for Toy Story Land, has said.

The vehicle has now been “slid it into its first position and its new home here. It’s all ready to go.,” Vignec said. “We’re excited about this final phase of getting into testing and getting ready to provide a great experience for our guests.”

The video from Disney below gives a good look at what is to come.