6 major Disney World road construction projects and when they will be done

Driving around Disney World at times is like driving through an obstacle course with lanes shifting and construction equipment crossing roads.

Disney World is in the middle of a nearly $800 million worth of road construction projects which should end around 2020, according to an article in the Orlando Sentinel.

This is an unusual amount of work, but let’s remember Disney is also going through a huge amount of change and expansion in the parks, with new Toy Story Land and Star Wars: Galaxy Edge at Hollywood Studios; a new Ratatoullie ride at Epcot, a new hotels and resorts.

Construction of the Magic Kingdom flyover bridge.

Getting the infrastructure in place for now and future expansion is needed. Also, Disney World will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2021. So there might be an incentive to get everything done for the anniversary year.

Here are six major road projects around Disney World:

1. A flyover bridge over the Magic Kingdom toll plaza that should be open in the summer of 2018. This should ease congestion and simplify the route for those heading to the Magic Kingdom and the resorts.

2. Reconfiguration of the Osceola Parkway at Victory Way, southeast of Hollywood Studios and north of the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, should be finished by the end of 2018 with all of the work done by 2019. It will allow Osceola traffic to continue without stopping and hello getting traffic onto Victory Way for a new entrance to Hollywood Studios.

3. New parking garage at Disney Springs to open in 2019. Foundation work will be next month for the 3,000 space garage on the south side of Buena Vista Drive across from the Line garage. This will mean some more changes in construction.

4. Epcot Center Drive interchange project should be complete by the end of this year.

5. A new roadway link from Reams Road to Floridian Way should be finished in early 2018.

6. An extension of Western Way from the Flamingo Crossings development to Avalon Road, or County Road 545, should be done by mid-2018.