Get your photo taken with a ghosts, the Headless Horseman at Mickey’s Not–So-Scary Halloween Party

Disney World is offering special Photo Pass opportunities during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom, including photos with the Headless Horseman, dancing ghosts and other spirits.

According to the Disney Parks Blog, there will be various photos opportunities available, including Magic Shots and Animated Magic Shots

Disney publicity photo

During parties, there will be a number of props you can use in your photos at various locations around the park.

There is a photo opportunity inspired by the 1929 Silly Symphony “The Skeleton Dance” near Ariel’s Grotto available after dark and a lamp inspired by the Haunted Mansion cemetery watchman that you can include in your photos near the attraction entrance beginning around 8 p.m.

At the entrance will be a Headless Horseman Magic Shot.

At Town Square there will be an animated shot of shots appearing near pumpkins

Along Main Street, you’ll be able have an animated shot of dancing ghosts.

In front of the Haunted Mansion you will be a blessing to have your photo taken with a ghost driving the hearse.

You can see what the animated shots look like on the Disney Parks Blog.