Take My Money Mickey: Mickey Mouse wallpaper

All day today I’ve been wandering my house looking for a place to use this Mickey Mouse icon wallpaper. On one wall in the living room as a focal point? Behind the bed? In the powder room? Would a subtle gray be better, or a dramatic red? (And what would this do for resale value?)

The wallpaper, from Tampa Paint & Wall Coverings, sells for about $120 for a double roll, which will cover about 56 square feet. If you have an 8-foot ceiling, you could cover a wall about 8 feet wide with a double roll.

Following are just two of the colors in which the pattern is available. Scroll past the pictures for some ideas on how to use this wallpaper on something other than the walls.

Some ideas for where you could use this, short of wallpapering a room:
  • The back of a bookcase (an IKEA build-it-yourself bookcase would be ideal) or a cabinet with glass doors
  • Cover a lampshade
  • Cover plain floating bookshelves
  • Line drawers
  • Slide it under a glass tabletop
  • Use it as artwork, either by putting it in a large frame or by adhering it to a portion of a wall and then framing it with wood trim. If you did a large space, you could use it as a background for a collection of pictures. 
  • Cover a folding screen
  • Use it as a wall hanging — attach the top and bottom of a long stretch of paper to a dowel rod and use a ribbon to hang it from a nail.  
  • Make a window shade
  • With the last scraps, you could use it for gift wrap, book covers or to add some pizazz to a clipboard. 
  • Open an Etsy store with all the wallpaper crafts you make!