More than 300 pieces of Disneyland memorabilia will be shown at D23 Expo 2015

The Walt Disney Archives will exhibit more than 300 pieces of Disneyland’s memorabilia to D23 EXPO 2015 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the park.

The 12,000-square-foot exhibit will include themed areas that honor the park’s history, attractions, parades, and entertainment over the past six decades, including the construction of Disneyland, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mickey Mouse Club at Disneyland, Club 33, and collectible merchandise, as well as the park’s iconic lands, according to a D23 news release.

© Walt Disney Archives

The “Walt Disney Archives Presents—Disneyland: The Exhibit” will be the largest display the Disney Archives has ever showcased at D23 EXPO. The event will take place Aug. 14–16 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The items on exhibit will include:

  • Ticket No. 1, purchased by Roy O. Disney on July 18, 1955, the first day the park was open to the general public.
  • Early surveying equipment from the 1950s used in the construction of Disneyland.
  • A prototype vehicle for the beloved Alice in Wonderland attractio.
  • Dancing-monkey costumes used in the nighttime spectacular Fantasmic!
  • An early Autopia car,.
  • Original artwork from Mickey Mouse Club Circus.
  • The Abominable Snowman from the Matterhorn Bobsle


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