Disney News May 17- 23: Cut back on selfie sticks, a new tour at Disney World and additions to the Dining Plan

The major highlights in the Disney Universe this past week may have been the 24-hour days at the parks and the kick-off of Disneyland’s 60th anniversary celebration, but nothing probably got more applause than Disney coming out and putting restrictions on selfie sticks.

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The BOATHOUSE joins the Disney Dining Plan at Disney World.

Yes, you can still use them at the parks, but not on the rides. Here’s that story and other things you might have missed as everyone kicked off their summer celebration:

Do you like using those selfie sticks? Well, let’s admit it, they do get annoying at times. Disneyland and Disney World have put some restrictions on using them on its rides. The Huffington Post talks about how Disney really wants you to stop using them. And the Orlando Sentinel gives some additional insight to this issue as well.

Before Epcot, there was Project X, Florida’s first utopian metropolis, Esquire writes.

WDWMagic.com reports that Walt Disney World’s latest signature restaurant, The BOATHOUSE, is now available on the Disney Dining Plan.

Two new hotels at Flamingo Crossings near Walt Disney World hit a major milestone, the Orlando Business Journal writes, topping off the structural build and now getting closer to building out the interior.

Are you still confused of Disney and Universal’s joint custody of Marvel characters? The Orlando Weekly helps out with some answers.

Disney World has created a new walking tour called World Showcase DestiNations Discovered, WDWMagic.com reports.