The priciest steaks at Disney World

The $115 long bone rib chop for two. 

A $115 steak on the menu at the new Boathouse restaurant at Disney World raised some eyebrows this week, but it isn’t the first $100-plus entree on Disney World menus — and it looks like it won’t be the last.

The Boathouse is expected to open next week at Downtown Disney, which is in the middle of a years-long transformation into Disney Springs. On the menu: a 32-ounce Tomahawk Long Bone Rib Chop for two at a cost of $115. (The menu also includes a $100 caviar appetizer, which makes that steak look a lot more reasonable.)

A number of restaurants at Disney World have one or more out-of-this-world entrees on the menu. Most of the big steaks do feed two people, which puts their prices a little closer to the typical $40 or $50 steak, and most of the restaurants do accept Disney dining plans — so it’s not as bad as it sounds.

The prize for priciest steak goes to the Yachtsman Steakhouse, which serves a 32-ounce porterhouse for $119. At the nearby Dolphin resort, Shula’s Steak House has a 48-ounce porterhouse for $105 — and, for lobster-lovers, an Australian lobster tail $130. That dish, presumably, is for one person.

And Capa, the 17th-floor steakhouse at the new Four Seasons Resort at Disney World, offers a 32-ounce porterhouse for $100. (Disney dining plans are not accepted at Capa.)

Of course, the biggest splurge at Disney World is dinner at Victoria & Albert’s at the Grand Floridian, which has a prix fixe menu that starts at $135 per person. Here, you can order an Australian Kobe-style beef tenderloin for an additional $110. (And if that caviar sounded good to you, there’s currently a Galilee Osetra caviar on the menu for $210 an ounce.)

If all of this has you in the mood for steak, there will soon be one more option. STK Orlando, a steakhouse chain with locations in New York and Las Vegas among others, will open later this year at Disney Springs. If you’re looking for big, expensive steaks, it likely won’t disappoint: STK’s New York location has a $105 32-ounce Porterhouse steak on the menu.