Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s name to change. What are your suggestions?

Walt Disney Co. CEO Bob Iger let something slip at the company’s stockholders meeting earlier this week: Disney will be changing the name of Hollywood Studios. But that’s all he would say.

Tower of TerrorWhen a young stockholder asked Iger what the new name for Disney World’s movie-centric park would be, Iger turned to board members and asked if they had made that announcement official yet. The answer was no. So the speculation begins.

Hollywood Studios is going through major transformation this past year, starting with the closing of the American Idol Experience, The Studio Backlot Tour and The Legend of Jack Sparrow and the demolition of Mickey’s Sorcerer’s Hat. In addition, Disney has announced an expansion of Toy Story Mania with another track.

The future of Hollywood Studos is in question. Will it expand and become Star Wars central, which many people desire? Will more rides come to Pixar Place?

Which brings all back to the first question: What will the park be called? Disney/Pixar Studios? Star Wars World? 
What are your thoughts?