‘Frozen Fever’ merchandise hits the shelves

Disney is getting ready to release a 7-minute sequel to “Frozen” and, along with it, a whole new line of merchandise.

The short film is cleverly set in summer, which means a new wardrobe for Anna and Elsa — and for the millions of girls who are their fans. It’s a hot market: Disney said last year that it sold more than 3 million Anna and Elsa dresses in just the first 10 months of the year.

But those were winter dresses. And aren’t we all over our winter wardrobes by now?

The new line of “Frozen Fever” merchandise includes dresses — sold as a set — and dolls, as well as other items. The mini-movie will be shown with the new live-action “Cinderella,” which opens in theaters March 12.

The first merchandise showed up online today and will arrive in stores March 2. Take a look:

Summer Solstice Gift Set, two 12-inch dolls, $34.95 

Anna and Elsa T-shirt, $14.95

Two-piece sleep set, $19.95