Disney releases new Imagicademy app focusing on the arts

Disney has released a new app that for the first time lets kids create their own characters and bring them to life in real Disney cartoons alongside Mickey Mouse.

Children can also experiment with basic music concepts and practice art and design based on a research-based curriculum on the creative arts, Disney announced.

Mickey’s Magical Arts World is the second of five subjects released as part of the Disney Imagicademy, Disney’s learning initiative geared toward 3 to 8-year-olds.

The app, which is connected to the Disney Imagicademy Parents app, allows parent to connect and get involved with their child’s creative arts milestones.

The five experiences in the the app are:

Mickey’s Sketch Artist: Children can follow a Mickey-guided tutorial or draw free-style to create characters and more, as they experiment with color, shape, line, and visual texture.

Donald’s Costume Play: While exploring improvisation, storytelling, costume design, dialogue and character development tools, children can get their characters ready to star in Disney cartoons alongside Mickey and friends.

Mickey’s Music Maker: Mickey’s marching band help children create music and experiment with varying tempo and pitch. Featuring 13 different instruments, children can choose the sounds they like best, record their compositions and play back their masterpieces.

Pluto’s Crafty Creator: Children are invited to six craft stations where they can explore different art tools, experience how materials work together and create and design unique digital toys.

Minnie’s Art-chitect: As they design buildings with various colors and textures, children can practice key design principles including symmetry, balance, proportion, rhythm, and harmony. Children can customize and design buildings to truly personalize their neighborhood.

Disney Imagicademy was developed in conjunction with academic and education experts to combine a research-driven curriculum with the Disney characters. The app is available for download on iPad, and will be released for iPhone in March 2015.