Disney raises ticket prices: Disney World goes over $100 a day, Disneyland to $99

Disney Park prices are increasing at Disneyland and Disney World, where a single-day entry price in Florida will top $100.

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Starting Feb. 22, 2015, Disney said the one-day ticket price at The Magic Kingdom will rise to $105 plus tax. The prices for Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios will go up to $97 plus tax.

Last year with the first year that the price for the Magic Kingdom became higher than the other parks. That price was $99.

Meanwhile, the adult one-day ticket price to Disneyland or California Adventure will rise from $96 to $99. A one-day park hopper add-on will increase from $54 to $56.

The spokesmen for Disneyland and Disney World released the identical statement: “A day at a Disney park is unlike any other in the world, and there is strong demand for our attractions and entertainment. We continually add new experiences, and many of our guests select multi-day tickets or annual passes which provide great value and additional savings.”

The $100 mark at Disney World has “a psychological impact,” Joe Couceiro, a former SeaWorld chief marketing officer told the Orlando Sentinel. “I’m not sure it’s going to keep people necessarily away, (but) I think your first impulse is to say, ‘let me see what kind of deal I can get.'”

Disney does not release any breakdowns as to how many people purchase single-day tickets. For most who visit Disney World, they go for multiple days and usually will be able to get hotel and ticket deals. For those living in Florida, who may go more often, Disney is continuing its Florida residents deals.
Ticket prices at that theme parks have typically increased every year. According to our review of previous price hikes at Disney World, show the resort on average has raised the single-day price every 10 months. The shortest time period between price hikes was three months. This took place between June and September 1982 when the price increased from $13.25 to $15.