Disney Cruise Line now getting healthy Mickey Check meals

The Disney Cruise Line is now adding Mickey Check meals to is restaurants on all four Disney ships.

The Mickey Check began to be used at various locations throughout Walt Disney World and Disneyland in January 2013. Disney developed the guidelines from child health experts.

The criteria assess food items and meals based on the following:

  • Do they contribute to a nutritious diet? — fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy, or lean protein 
  • Do they encourage kid-appropriate portions? — calorie criteria 
  • Do they limit ‘nutrients to avoid’? — sodium, sugar, saturated fat, trans fat

“More and more families are looking for healthier options when they travel, and with Mickey Check, we’ve made it easy for them to identify these choices on our menus,” Ozer Balli, vice president of Hotel Operations for Disney Cruise Line said in a news release. “Disney is known for exceptional, innovative and fun dining experiences at its parks and resorts around the world. And dining aboard a Disney Cruise Line ship delivers on the trust, quality and promise guests expect.”